Funny Tweets | Week 1 | Wendy’s

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Social media is an amazing tool to connect with your customers and to bring a new level of customer services to them, but it can also create a higher bond when you relate to them or make them laugh. There is a very thin line between unprofessionalism and being offensive when it comes to replying back to either sassy or sarcastic comment or even snap talkbacks. But if done right, you will build your social media account 100% with dedicated customers. Each week we will be looking at different company’s and how they handle their customers on social media. This week is Wendy!



Wendys is the last company you would expect to come out with some of the best comebacks ever, some of them were so popular that it spun a whole library worth of sassy Wendy art. The person behind this persona is none other than Amy Brown. Here are some of these examples mentioned before.


Funny Tweets

Perfect example of using sarcastic talk-back to customers in an entertaining way, this resulted to pretty much insulting them.

Nobody is safe from Wendy, that’s including Wendy that threw a spin ball into a debate which had a hilarious ending!

Oh sick burn McDonalds

If you are planning to pick a fight, make sure you can back it up.

Wendy’s is never shy of pulling any punches.

Wendy doesn’t lie

Cool art

Some artwork is done on Wendy by Naphtalene

Which resulted in Wendy art of a young teen girl that has a very sassy attitude, look it up on google and you will find hundreds of versions of the above.

The artwork was done by unknown. How one tweet can influence such creativity

They look surprisingly fit for fast food chains

Happy couple?

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